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Poutine Insanity! A Gallery of Canadian Truck Advertisements | The Each day Drive | Client Information® The Each day Drive

1971 Fargo

1972 Fargo

Enjoyable truth: 90 % of Canada’s inhabitants lives with 100 miles of the U.S. border. That mentioned, it’s an awfully lengthy border—about 5500 miles lengthy, truly. Checked out one other means, Canada’s inhabitants density is simply about 10 % that of America’s, which means there’s a whole lot of Canadian land with only a few folks residing on it.

Canadian Chrysler-Dodge Dealer This issues very a lot to automotive retailers in Canada, who’ve lengthy handled the challenges of how finest to find new-car dealerships. Clearly, massive cities had been a chief location, however issues obtained trickier after that. Canada isn’t a land of sprawling suburbs just like the U.S. is, so serving the nation’s non-urban inhabitants will get problematic.

One answer was for carmakers to inventory Canadian dealerships with extra fashions throughout better worth ranges than are sometimes seen in america. An instance of that is Chrysler’s now-defunct Fargo model. Utilized by Chrysler within the U.S. within the firm’s early days, Fargo was repurposed to be used in Canada. Why? Learn on…

Starting earlier than World Struggle II, Chrysler bought automobiles in Canada via two channels: Chrysler-Dodge shops, and Chrysler-Plymouth shops. Dodge vehicles had been retailed via the Chrysler-Dodge retailers, after all.

However, due to a comparatively skinny seller community—a byproduct of Canada’s low inhabitants density—Chrysler deemed it essential to promote vehicles, particularly pickup vehicles, via Chrysler-Plymouth dealerships as nicely. And since it could be unseemly to promote Dodge vehicles through shops which didn’t promote Dodge-branded vehicles, Chrysler rebadged Dodge vehicles as Fargo on the market via these dealerships.

If this sounds sophisticated, it’s. Nevertheless, Ford selected to do roughly the identical factor, promoting Ford pickup vehicles badged as Mercurys at Mercury shops. As for seller shortage, the 1965 Toyota Land Cruiser advert beneath tackles that situation head on.

Now that we all know issues have all the time been somewhat completely different up North, take a look on the collected advertisements shared right here. Any ideas on our gallery of Canadian truck advertisements? Share them down beneath.


Extra classic-ad enjoyable

Canadian Truck Advertisements

1942 Fargo

1942 Fargo Ad

1942 Fargo Advert

Photograph Characteristic: 1955 Monarch Richelieu


1950 REO

1950 REO Ad, REO Speedwagon

1950 REO Advert

What was the GMC Cannonball?


1952 Fargo

1952 Fargo Advert

Export Insanity! A Gallery of American Vehicles Advertisements From Overseas Markets


1953 Dodge

1953 Dodge Ad

1953 Dodge Advert

Canadian Confusion: GM’s Quick-Lived Passport Dealerships


1953 Willys

1953 Willys Ad

1953 Willys Advert

Halifax: Volvo’s Forgotten North American Manufacturing facility


1954 Fargo

1954 Fargo Ad

1954 Fargo Advert

What Was The Pontiac Firefly?


1954 Worldwide

1954 International Ad, French, Canadian

1954 Worldwide Advert

Canadian Export: 2011-2014 Lancia Thema


1954 Mercury

1954 Mercury Ad

1954 Mercury Advert

The Canadian Auto Brochure Energy Quiz


1959 Ford/Thames

1959 Ford/Thames Ad, Canada

1959 Ford/Thames Advert

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1961 Jeep

1961 Jeep Ad

1961 Jeep Advert

’60s Insanity! 10 Years of Basic Pickup Truck Advertisements


1965 Toyota

1965 Toyota Land Cruiuser Ad

1965 Toyota Land Cruiser Advert

The Final Common-Cab Quick-Mattress Pickup


1972 Dodge/Fargo

1971 Dodge/Fargo Ad

1972 Dodge/Fargo Advert

’70s Insanity! 10 Years of Basic Pickup Truck Advertisements


1972 Scot

1972 Scot Ad, Atlantic Truck Manufacturing, Scot Trucks, Canada, Canadian Truck Ads

1972 Scot Advert

Large-Rig Type: What If Semi-Truck Makers Constructed Pickups?


1980 Datsun

1980 Toyota Ad

1980 Datsun Advert

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 Canadian Truck Advertisements Gallery

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North of the Border Insanity! 10 Basic Canadian-Automobile Advertisements

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