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The Significance of a Good Heat-Up


Masters want a little bit extra warm-up time than “much less skilled” rowers, however each ought to carry out the identical routine.

A superb warm-up is especially vital for masters who take to the water earlier than daybreak when the day is coldest. And whereas they might want extra time getting free, the quantity they perspire might not be a ample marker for the standard of the warm-up.

I used to have my crews shove off from the dock and start paddling at a low fee earlier than progressively growing the cadence. They started at 24 strokes per minute for 10 strokes after which raised the stroke by two each 10 strokes till they might hit the speed they wanted to carry for the exercise.

For crew boats, attempt beginning out with one pair balancing the boat. Many crews additionally like to start with the decide drill. Simply make sure you’re heat and free earlier than starting such workouts. The decide drill emphasizes timing and precision, and if you’re not rowing properly, you’re practising poor rowing.

Your warm-up doesn’t have to happen within the boat, both. Strive a couple of calisthenics on land. Plan your apply time to incorporate a major warm-up and warm-down. Chocolate milk and carbohydrates within the first 10 minutes after apply will even assist velocity up your restoration.



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