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This Turbocharged TVS Apache RR 310 Simply Set A New Quarter-Mile Report

Ever since 2012, Mumbai has hosted the Valley Run, a weekend only for drag racing fanatics—on two wheels and 4. In 2022, over 700 individuals gathered to share their love of high-octane pleasure, and to each race and recognize the big range of autos that got here to show their quickness towards the clock. 

The Valley Run 2022 occasion can be the place TVS Racing debuted its specifically drag-tuned, turbocharged Apache RR 310, within the arms of famed Indian bike racer Jagan Kumar. With that proficient racer piloting the bike, the TVS Apache RR 310 set a brand new quarter-mile report. The time: 11.5 seconds, from a standing begin. Kumar’s teammate, Ok Y Ahamad, managed an 11.9 second time.  

What sorts of modifications did TVS Racing carry out to amp up the efficiency potential of this explicit RR 310? Other than the electronically-controlled turbocharger, the engine now packs a titanium connecting rod, in addition to titanium valves. The piston can be a solid unit, which makes it each lighter in weight and likewise stronger than the inventory one.  

To cut back weight—and thereby enhance this racing RR 310’s power-to-weight ratio—TVS Racing swapped the inventory wheels for carbon fiber ones, as a substitute. In addition they opted to modify out the inventory bodywork and subframe for some lighter-weight carbon fiber alternate options, as a substitute. In keeping with TVS, that makes this race-prepped Apache RR 310 a full 37 % lighter than the inventory model.  

What does that imply? The inventory TVS Apache RR 310 ideas the scales at 174 kilograms (about 383.6 kilos) on the curb. Doing just a little fast math, that implies that a 37 % weight discount would carry the drag race-tuned one all the way down to a svelte 109.62 kg—or simply underneath 242 kilos.  

Different adjustments that TVS Racing carried out included a discount in experience top, as a way to decrease the middle of gravity. The crew additionally added an prolonged swingarm—a preferred drag bike modification—as a way to improve the wheelbase and assist mitigate wheelies a bit higher on its pace runs. Further modifications included the addition of a quickshifter, in addition to wiring in some launch management. 

Apart from the spectacular new quarter-mile report, Kumar additionally achieved a high pace of 195 kilometers per hour (about 121 mph) on the race-prepped Apache DR-Turbo. Congratulations to Kumar, and likewise to TVS Racing on this nice accomplishment! 



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