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Lincolns That By no means Have been

Lincolns That By no means Have been

By Jim and Cheryl Farrell

At one time every of those Lincolns was deliberate for manufacturing, and every of them is far completely different than what was truly produced. For one cause or one other not one of the following Lincolns made it into Lincoln showrooms—however they positive may have.

Images: Ford Design and The Henry Ford

1939 Lincoln-based Mercury

Typical knowledge is that Edsel Ford determined to supply a higher-priced Ford in 1939 and it was referred to as a Mercury. Right here is a photograph of a automobile that has been recognized by Ford designers and clay modelers as a 1939 Lincoln proposal designed utilizing a Ford physique and chassis—a Ford that’s dressed like a Lincoln. Was it initially meant to be a smaller Lincoln referred to as the Mercury? Head of Ford design on the time, Bob Gregorie, disagreed, however designer Tucker Madawick and modeler Fred Hoadley believed what turned the Mercury began our as this Ford dressed as a Lincoln.

1942 Lincoln-Zephyr, Continental and Customized

Ford was sluggish to include the broader look Cadillac adopted from Twine in 1941. Jack Davis, Ford’s head of gross sales, pleaded with Gregorie to design a extra substantial trying Lincoln for 1942. He did, however in line with Madawick, earlier than the “extra substantial” look was adopted in 1942, this Zephyr proposal, just like the 1941 Lincoln design, had already been designed and was deliberate because the ‘42 Lincoln.

1958 Continental Berline

If Continental Division had not been terminated in 1956, a brand new Continental referred to as the Mark III Berline would have been in Continental showrooms within the fall of 1957 as the brand new ‘58 Continental Mark III. May this automobile have saved Continental Division if it had been given yet one more yr? Most likely not.

1964 Continental Mark IX

Elwood Engel’s proposal for the ‘61 Thunderbird turned the ‘61 Continental. George Walker, head of Ford’s Styling Division, was as a consequence of retire in 1961. He wished Engel to succeed him. He thought if Engel additionally designed the subsequent (1964) Continental, it might assist Engel ace out Bordinat. As a result of Henry Ford II was sick, Invoice Ford was capable of engineer Bordinat’s choice as the subsequent head of design as an alternative of Engel. That was the tip of the Mark IX. But when Engel had change into head of Ford design this automobile was deliberate because the ‘64 Lincoln.

1976 Mark V

Within the mid-Nineteen Seventies, Henry Ford II wished to downsize all Ford merchandise. Though this smaller Mark V was deliberate for introduction because the ‘76 Mark V, a Lincoln plant (Wixom) engineer decided Ford couldn’t construct each the smaller Mark V and the smaller (‘77) Thunderbird with out extra however very costly tools. That info later turned out to be incorrect, nevertheless it meant this smaller Mark V was to not be. However for one engineer’s mistake this automobile would have been the Mark V.

1976 Lincoln Continental (City Automotive)

Bordinat didn’t need to downsize Lincolns. He deliberate an enormous new Lincoln Continental for 1976. Bordinat’s larger Continental (City Automotive) had already been designed when Henry Ford II determined the subsequent massive Lincoln could be constructed on the downsized Panther platform. That not solely delayed a brand new Continental (City Automotive) till 1980, it meant Bordinat’s larger Lincoln Continental glided by the wayside, though a number of its design options have been included within the 1980 Continental.

1988 Continental

Till it was determined to construct the brand new mid-sized Continental based mostly on the Ford Taurus, a brand new Continental was then deliberate for 1985, and it seemed quite a bit completely different. Wouldn’t it have offered higher that the ‘88 Continental?

1990 Lincoln City Automotive

The 1990 Lincoln City Automotive was initially speculated to be a downsized Lincoln, and it was now not going to be referred to as a City Automotive, Initially deliberate for 1990, this smaller front-wheel-drive Lincoln was to be powered by a V-6 engine. When GM downsized, extra automobile patrons switched to the larger Lincoln City Vehicles. Because of this, between 1983-85 City Automotive gross sales skyrocketed, so Ford determined to not downsize despite the fact that the downsized Lincoln had already been designed.

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