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Rowing Information | Working the Angle


Correct physique preparation on the restoration is vital to the catch and drive. The fingers ought to lead the arms and again ahead in order that the again is upright and perpendicular. When the fingers move over the knees, the legs start the slide because the again swings ahead into the angle required on the catch.

To cease from lunging on the catch, set the physique angle when the fingers are over the toes because the blade begins to sq.. The legs ought to then proceed into the catch with the ahead physique angle set till the blade enters the water. If the higher physique continues to swing ahead into the catch, the fingers might observe the again downward, sending the blades away from the water.

Those that lunge on the catch additionally threat initiating the stroke with the again relatively than the legs, which might lead to a weaker drive. Setting the physique angle early and holding it till the beginning of the drive will assist be certain that you load the blade with the legs and core–your strongest muscle teams.


* Give attention to the horizon, which is able to provide you with a warning to lunging when your head drops as a result of the again is continuous to swing down.

* Sit tall even when your again is within the ahead physique angle.

* On the catch, your arms ought to be prolonged however not locked.

* Shoulders ought to be squared relatively than rounded.

* With the fingers equally degree, the boat is extra more likely to be set and run straight.

* With legs absolutely engaged, the arms and again assist switch the leg drive to the tip of the oar.



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